The newest audio technology

Regular headphones, inear headphones, headband and bluetooth headphones, stereos, tape recorders and much more …

The best accessories for your cell phone

Chargers, batteries, headphones , stands, cables, for all brands

Small appliances

Juice extractor, juice squeezers, blenders, sandwiches heaters, microwaves, etc.

Beauty equipment in the palm of your hand

Hair Dryers and irons, curling irons, hair cutters and electric razors

The most modern in home and office telephony

Cordless telephones, the highest quality wired equipments for offices.

All in sound for parties, meetings and home

Home stereos, radio recorders, amplifiers and speakers

The best sound for your car

Audio and video car stereo payers, and last-generation speakers that will be with you on the road

About us


Our mission

To have available, for all main retailers and wholesalers of the country, an offer of high quality electronic equipment, always focused on a personalized attention and an excellent after-sales service.

To be a strategic ally for our clients by offering solutions and services based on our responsibility, quality, productivity and commitment.

Brief history

Etradev was founded in 2005 by two young entrepreneurs who decided to join their efforts to create and develop their own company dedicated to the importation of technological articles.

Etradev means: “Ecuadorian Trade Development”, and in a more global sense our company seeks the development and dynamism of Ecuadorian busnisses.

Starting with the sale of three brands, attending fairs, conventions and with direct dealings with international distributors, we have gradually become a company that today works with more than 20 brands, being Chargeworx, Coby, eChef PRO and Uniden our best letter of introduction. 


Our vision

To be country´s leading company, recognized in the import and marketing of electronic products industry, by offering different brands that meet the needs of our customers, complying with the criteria of price and product quality. 

In order to get there, we focused our work within this three challenges: Quality, competitiveness and customer service.

Our values

We are an innovative company always looking for new technological trends that support the growth of our distributors and contribute to the quality of life.

We are always looking for improvement of  our processes in order to keet in touch with our commercial partners in a better way and thus create a bond of trust that leads us to grow together.

We are focused on strengthening our logistics to more efficient way, to meet the expectations of our customers in distribution and shipments.

We are committed to guarantee each of our products through our technical service and support, seeking to consolidate the commercial relationship with our distributors.

Our objectives

Open new markets for all the products we sale, get aggrements with commercial chains where we have not been able to show who we are and what we have.

Continue offering an excellent service to our current clients and take care of the commercial relationship we have with them.

Strengthen our networks so they become an important information point for our allies and harvest the communication and feedback leads to mutual growth.

We would like that all the Brand we distributed, to be easily recognizable by the final consumer, and we alaso want them to feel supported at all time by us.

We have the representation in Ecuador for:

We also sell and distribute the following brands: 



Contact us

(593-2) 6002791 – 6038256

Enrique Iturralde OE3-25 y Av. de la Prensa. Quito, Ecuador.

Mon – Fri – 08:00 a 17:00